Central Windsor & Eton

Stanley & Thomas offer three mooring sites, all within easy walking distance of the towns of Windsor and Eton and the main line railway link to London Waterloo.
These moorings are for permanent vessels. Sorry no overnight moorings are available.

The first mooring is located in a tranquil area at our boatyard by Romney Lock with six piers along the lock cut.  There is also a pool area for the smaller boats.
A traditional boatyard setting where the art of restoring classical wooden boats still continues and during the week the workshops are alive with the sound of wood being hammered or sawn.

Boatyard Moorings
The second is on Romney Lock Island facing Eton and the third alongside Datchet Golf Course overlooking the Home Park, with fine views of Windsor Castle.
Romney Island Moorings
Romney Island Moorings
Datchet Moorings
Datchet Moorings

The beauty of our moorings is that you are so close to the town, where there are plenty of interesting shops, restaurants, pubs, an arts centre, leisure centre and a theatre. By boat you are in easy reach for weekends away upstream to Marlow or Henley, or  downstream to Shepperton or Teddington, to name but a few destinations.

Our facilities include cranage up to 8 tons, painting, varnishing and repairs. The boats are normally lifted out of the water in late October, the hull jet-washed and placed on hard standing until the following spring. We can arrange for the boats to be decommissioned for the winter and recommissioned for the spring, and any work needed to be done can be booked into our workshops and completed over the winter months.


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